Our products will bring luster and life back to your hair.

FRIZZ-AWAY: leave hair silky, detangled while taming frizz and fly aways/ let your hair be free again. It offers perfecting care for slip ends and offers additional heat protection to reduce the appearance of slip ends. Formulated just to fight Frizz and Soften your hair.

  • De-frizzes your hair
  • Softens hair to break down frizz
  • Increase conditioning

EXTENDS LIFE OF COLOR: specially transforms the most extremely color damaged hair . It contains Buriti oil and Tanamu oil. It penetrates deep inside the hair and recovers our abuse color. We’ve created formula to regenerate nourishment for a wide range of coloring, bleaching, chemical straightening, and everyday styling.

  • Protect color
  • Recover fiber
  • Strengtens strand

INFUSE KARATIN: it is exclusive Keratin replenisher that automatically recovers and infuses Keratin and supports area that lack Keratin. It penetrates into the hair to enhance strength and elasticity and revitalizes follicle. It boosts structure of your hair and rejuvenates the strand. Hair is left soft, radiant and full of life.

  • Recovers Keratin and rebuilds fiber
  • Luxurious treatment with Keratin
  • Keratin will always leave a satin-smooth hair feeling

GLOSSY:  it is an ultimate styling product which adds instant shine. This protecting formula smoothens the hair strand, increase hair strength and elasticity. This lightweight formula nutrients- leaving it soft, smooth and glossy.

  • Enhances hair Gloss
  • Rebuilds shine of hair follicle
  • Adds glorious hair sleek

HYDRATION: This fast absorbing ingredients is the ultimate savior for dehydrated, dull hair. It is for hydrating instantly boosts moisture levels in the hair using Macadamia oil and coconut oil with Vitamins. By binding moisture to your hair, you hair completion feels more supple nourishment. It delivers intense hydration and help support the hair body’s ability to retain moisture.

  • Perfect for dehydrated hair types.
  • Plumps dehydrated hair
  • Increasing moisture to make you look fresh daily

ANTI-AGING: it is defense anti-aging and repair hair serum fiber blends with Argan oil, nutrients and vitamins which are unique and only concentrated to target follicle, correct and prevent the visible signs of aging hair and promoting strand  while reinforcing hair’s natural moisture barrier renewal to reduce aging of hair.

  • Provides immediately radiant and long-term benefits and hair appears younger.
  • Delivers a youth appearance
  • Ageless, softens and smoothens hair texture.

DAMAGED HAIR: is your hair damage? Our formula is ideal for damaged hair split end repair and provides instant smoothening benefits with jojoba oil to help damage hair look its best. Your hair will be more manageable and much silkier every time you apply it on . A specific  daily treatment that nourishes  to regenerate the healthy look and feel of even extremely damaged hair so it becomes smooth and stronger.

  • Nourishes damaged fiber
  • Instant softens – silkier hair
  • Adds moisture and leaves hair smoother


Samantha’s nutrient rich lather shampoo will infuse essential lightweight oils in every strand to add moisture, exceptional shine, and long lasting color.

  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • Sodium chloride free


Samantha’s nutrient rich moisturizing conditioner will infuse essential lightweight oils to give hair optimal moisture, smoothness and radiant shine.

  • Seal cuticle for amazing light reflection
  • UV sun protectant
  • Sulfate, paraben & sodium chloride FREE

Leave-In Conditioner

Samantha’s nutrient rich will be your best friend to quickly detangle unmanageable, unruly hair. The essential lightweight oil formula will reduce frizz, seal the cuticle and give the hair a silky-smooth finish.

  • Extends life of color
  • UV Protectant
  • Protects against heat and pollution