sam-logo500The Samantha Beauty Corporation brings a fresh natural approach to hair care with an introduction of its new shampoo and conditioner line, by helping to heal and rejuvenate. You will see and feel noticeable results within days, as well as vibrant, beautiful hair, which will boost your confidence dramatically.

The proof behind Samantha’s products came from Samantha herself. Shiny and healthy long hair right down below her waistline. This started with the passion of being taught as early as her childhood, on how to make natural hair care products for her self. She is the second generation in the Cosmetic Industry. In 1981, her parents started a very successful cosmetic company. At a young age, Samantha assisted her family’s business, helping excel the production processes.

With this passion and love for her hair and cosmetology, she has now created a unique hair product line that can help reduce hair loss by nourishing the scalp. Developing a strong foundation, which gives the hair nutrients needed to evolve into strong and healthy hair, while maintaining a brilliant shine.

Without a doubt, Samantha is confident that you will appreciate that she has tested all these products on herself first. Having used her own hair as a basis, she is an undeniable a living testimony to the use of her products.

Now you too have the opportunity to benefit from her beauty product line. We now introduce Samantha’s Natural Shampoo and Conditioner line that will benefit all those who wish to have their hair looking for ever healthy, full, and shiny.