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You’re Doing It Wrong: Fighting Frizzy Hair

By September 24, 2016Uncategorized

| Original Article: E! Online

Your hair is lacking moisture.

The cause of frizzy hair is as simple as the above (with a little humidity thrown in the mix), but the fix, unfortunately, isn’t as easy. And because the severity of your frizz, thickness of your hair and climate you’re exposed to on a daily basis isn’t the same as everyone else’s, there are several ways to fight it.

This week, do some trial and error to find out which of the below six methods (or combination of methods) works best for you.

Your Shampoo Ingredients Matters: When it comes to frizz-fighting shampoo, look at the ingredient list before buying and make sure it’s a) sulfate-free and b) that glycerin is near the top (pro tip: The closer the ingredients are to the top of the list, the more concentrated they are). It helps hydrate your hair from the inside out and also protects your hair from breakage!

A Weekly Conditioner Trick: You’ve been trained to always shampoo then conditioner, but if hair frizz is a serious problem, twice a week, only use conditioner. Apply it evenly like normal, then rinse it out—it contains a small amount of surfactants (a hair-cleansing ingredient), so it’ll do the cleaning you need without stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Immediate After-Shower Care: Before you take a blow-dryer to it, let your hair air dry about 90 percent of the way. Too much hot air dehydrates your locks, making it frizzy.

Dry Oil and Straight Hair Go Together: While your hair is still wet (it should be damp, but ring out the excess water), apply a moisture-locking dry oil from your ends to halfway up your hair. Then once your hair is 90 percent dry, comb through your hair with a mixed bristle round brush.

Mask It: At least once a week, do your hair a favor and use a hydrating mask (especially in the colder months when the air is less humid).

If You Like Piña Coladas and Getting Caught in the Rain: If you like getting caught in the rain, chances are your frizz problem is minimal. But if you’re the type whose hair is bound to pouf after strolling through a sun shower, hair serum will be your best friend. Apply it over your trouble spots then secure your hair into a bun while it’s still damp to smooth it back down.

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